Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mannequin Project continues

I finished the mannequin project and wanted you to see the progression of ideas and the final form.
In this first photo you can see Rene wearing tights to highlight the metal disks in the skirt. (I was OK with her wearing nothing underneath, but the contrast wasn't enough to make the skirt stand out). Notice on the right side of the photo the tights are lower then on the other side. Actually, her entire left "cheek" is exposed in the back, and I think I now know where the phrase "having a stick up one's butt" comes from. Rene has one embedded in her left cheek that attaches to the glass base on the floor. No way those tights were going up over her butt unless they were cut and somehow reattached. That wasn't gonna work, so they had to come off. 

Here you can see the skirt now lined in black felt. Much better.

This gives you an idea of the overall look. The ruffled top is made of floppy disks and the jewelry is mostly computer parts and polymer clay.

The hat is made with recycled tubing, the pantie hose that didn't work out that you saw in the first photo, styrofoam, computer parts, wire and pins. She still need a few accessories. The clip on earrings I made didn't stay on, so I need to figure out something because she needs earrings. A few more arm bands with computer parts, will be added later, but you get the idea. You can see Rene in person during the Art Meets Fashion Event in Liberty Station. Details will follow soon.

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