Friday, April 1, 2011

Dainty digits

Here you can see the  progression of work on my mannequin, Rene's hands.
Notice the color difference. I thought only the navy, purple and red polymer clay darkened with baking. This really darkened quite a lot. Possibly because I baked it longer due to the thickness of the fingers. Anyway, they fit pretty well and are in the poses she previously held.

The painted view, including a new nail color, alizarin crimson is seen below. If alizarin crimson was a nail polish color, it would never fly. It would need JUICY, SEXY or SENSUAL in the title to sell. Right?

If there was more time, I would have sanded the joints and made them seamless.
But, under the circumstances, covering them up with jewelry was more fun and served the purpose.

Making this jewelry pushed me creatively and made me want to do more.These pieces are made from our old portable hard drive I took apart and a couple other things destined for the trash. The flashy part of the rings are anchored with polymer clay or wire. The only thing not from the computer is the marble I found and embedded into the clay on the left third finger. It is probably good there wasn't a lot of extra time and parts because making these made me want to make more. You should try it. At least try taking an old keyboard or CD player apart. It is fascinating to see the mechanisms and circuit boards inside.

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