Friday, May 28, 2010

Lindly Haunani Workshop

Finally got some of the pieces finished from all the clay I prepared in Lindly's workshop. Lindly, is such a knowledgeable teacher especially in the area of color mixing. I appreciate her generous spirit and easy going nature.

We conditioned and prepared lots of clay.
Here are some of the pendants I finally finished.

Friday, May 21, 2010

For The Birds

I wanted to make a present for a friend to celebrate her beautiful new home. After visiting her place I had an idea. She has a collection of beautiful bird houses and I decided to make her an addition to the group. I used a wood base and covered it with textured polymer clay sheets and cane slices. It was tedious at first, but lots of fun. If my friend prefers, she can put it in her beautiful garden and maybe some sweet little birds will make it their home.
I might even make one for my little ninjas (what I call the hummingbirds at my house). You could make one too. Just keep in mind that if you intend it for outdoors, you need to put a coat or two of varnish on the outside to protect it from the weather. The colors may fade over time, but that should be minimal.