Friday, October 28, 2011

Colorful Chair

Can you guess what this colorful chair is made from? If you guessed balloons you would be right. Doesn't that make you smile? What fun. The chair, seen in the Financial Times weekend magazine, How to Spend It, was created by artist Pini Leibovich and sells for 3,500 English pounds. That is over $5,600 US dollars! I'd love to know if it would bounce up and down when you sit in it.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sandy Campers

There were some interesting characters at Sandy Camp this year. Here is a sample of some of my favorite photos of them.

The lovely witch Marni, is modeling the wonderful hat she made herself.

I hate spiders, but the wiry little guys you see crawling on Patti's shirt were much nicer then the real thing. Quite a creative outfit Ms. Patti.

This zombie's intense look just spoke to me. Most of the time, Shelly N. was cracking me up and did a fabulous job making all the zombies on the organizing committee look the part. Thanks for being you Shelly.

Here is Princess Maria getting comfortable front and center, for viewing the movie Young Frankenstein. Everyone said Maria's laughter and joy made the film even more fun for them too.

By far, my favorite photo from Sandy Camp is this one of my fellow zombies, Shelly D, Ellie, and Pat. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. It is now on my bulletin board to keep me smiling. Thanks zombies - you are the best.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sandy Camp Fun

After four days at Sandy Camp, the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild's annual retreat, I came away with new ideas,  new friends and lots of memories of laughter and camaraderie. That is what it is all about: seventy-five artists and invited guests all working on diverse, and amazing projects.

Two creative and fun loving polymer artists and I got to know a bit better were Kasi Althaus and Yvette Macy. Not only does this dynamic duo make amazing polymer work, they also get my vote for most creative costumes and getting into the Halloween spirit. I wish I had a photo of the extruder twins, but you just have to take my word for it. (Halloween, by the way, was our theme this year)

Check out these cute bugs Yvette made for her friends at work.

Here is a photo of Yvette too. Don't you just love the whiskers and nose?

Thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, Kasi was busy making these cute little turkey pins. They are so sweet, I had to get one for my mom.

Here is a photo of Kasi. She is not a gypsy although she looks like she could tell your fortune. Hey, maybe you could supplement your clay habit with a few readings next year!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bracelet a la Carte

I made this bracelet about a year and a half ago in Connie Fox's class. It was fun trying out the possible combinations of metal "bits" and charms to find the right choice for this project.

You can see how to make this bracelet in the Oct/Nov issue of Art Jewelry Magazine. Yep, this is my first published article. I would never, ever, ever attempt creative writing. A "how to" article was much less threatening since it was just an extension of how I broke subject content into steps in the art and photography classes for so many years.