Sunday, July 22, 2012

Leslie Blackford's Class

Finally unpacked stuff from the November Clay Carnival. Eight months is a long time to let things go but I have hardly been home long enough to to do much other then unpack, clean up and repack to leave again. Much has happened, from the death of my step father in PA, while I was at Clay Carnival, my mother's deteriorating health, moving to Whidbey Island from San Diego, and the death of my dad (also in PA) in March. For a while it felt like my life wasn't my own, but now things are settling down and I finally have finished a few things from the Clay Carnival classes.

Here are a couple of photos from Leslie Blackford's class. Her work is intimate, precious sweet and sometime a bit dark and always a pleasure to see and touch. I loved her class because it allowed more flexibility to create. She is a fun teacher and if you have the chance to take a workshop with her sometime, do it! Check out her work here:

In her workshop, we made a jack-in-the-box type project. We created a variety of animals (or objects) on little springs, and glued them to the inside bottom of little lidded boxes. Here are a few of the boxes we created. Meeting the people in the classes was great, but unfortunately their names escape me now, other then Debbie from Australia (for obvious reasons).

                                                   Cute Little Love Bird

                                                          Frog Prince

                                                             Pirate Cat

                                                    My little box with friend

                                                            Bird and friend