Friday, February 18, 2011

Metal and polymer clay

Sorry for not posting in a while. I was freezing on the east coast for the last month helping my elderly parents who are experiencing all the joys of aging, especially loss of memory and loss of physical ability. I did very little clay work and left the messy workspace just the way you saw it in the last post. That mess triggered a discussion about rearranging the work spaces for my husband and me. When the dust settles, (where did that choice of words come from) or should I say, when I am caught up on a few things, we will move my entire work area to the bedroom. So, an "after" photo will be posted eventually.
Meanwhile, my metal jewelry class ended the day before flying east and I wanted to share a couple of the earrings I made during class. Playing around with a lot of little bits and trying different combinations was fun. Here are a few examples.

Copper and polymer clay

Copper and brass

Copper and brass

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  1. Deb, these are nice. I love their simple beauty.