Thursday, December 30, 2010

Start the New Year Fresh

OK, you skinny people may not relate to this but those of us carrying around a few, (think way too many) pounds, will relate to how hard it is to share a photo of yourself in a bathing suit with just about anyone. Wearing a bathing suit is bad enough, but to be frozen in time in a photo means the truth is there for all to see. Yikes! 
This is my studio equivalent. Yes, this photo records the embarrassing work space I really can't "work" in, because of all the junk and unfinished projects that slowly (actually, as quick as a day) reduce the usable surface area to about 6 inches. It is probably just as well that you can't see the piles of stuff under the table  too. I bare all here in the hopes that by doing so and committing to a fresh start in 2011, the work area will be transformed and I will be able to get back to creating some jewelry. OK, transformed is a too strong since this isn't a room makeover, but a very small area with limited storage. Tomorrow is devoted to organizing, cleaning up, throwing away and giving away stuff that just isn't all that important to keep. (tough for artists, since every scrap of paper and found object might find its way into a project) Saturday, I hope to post another photo of the organized space. Keep your expectations low, and you will be impressed!

The studio I share in Spanish Village is such a treat where work space is concerned. I spread out on an empty 6 foot table and don't even fill the thing with all the junk I bring to work on. Yep, we're livin' large up there in the Village. No heat, but plenty of room. Counting my blessings as we say goodbye to 2010! 

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