Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gaskin Anomaly Detector

In March, the Balboa Park Online Collaborative launched Balboa Park’s first-ever steampunk design contest. The contest offered steampunk enthusiasts the opportunity to show their creativity by creating a version of the Anomaly Detector used by the characters Pandora and Drake in Giskin Anomaly, Balboa Park’s park-wide cell phone adventure. I didn't win anything, but had fun designing a detector for the contest. To see the winning design, go to and type in Gaskin Anomoly Detector.
In my entry below, there is a sliding door that opens to a secret compartment that holds the actual device.

Here you can see the sliding door where the device fits inside.

Close-up of the hidden detector. It is made of polymer clay, jewelry parts, and computer parts.

Close up of the top of the case composed mostly of computer parts and watch parts.

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