Friday, March 18, 2011

The Mannequin Project

I'm participating in the Mannequin Project coming up in May. Yep, I got a life size female mannequin. Actually, my husband had to go pick it up while I was away for several weeks. We can only guess what our neighbors thought as he brought her into the house.( He says I owe him big time for that.) Our friend Matt, thinks her name is Rene. She has many positive qualities but is missing a few fingers, which I hope to fabricate and attach. She is also sooooooooo very thin, like Barbie. Did I mention she is naked most of the time? The girl has no shame. Check back here for progress on Rene's crazy couture as it evolves, and check out the links below.

Art Meets Fashion - The Mannequin Project

In collaboration with Art Meets Fashion, San Diego County artists were invited to create works of art from mannequin forms. Visit the Galleries of the amazing artists involved in The Mannequin Project. Also, stay tuned for the details of the group show that will be posted here when details are finalized.

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